We’re tyntec.

We’re experts of telecom-web convergence—the immediacy and convenience of mobile telecom together with the power of the Internet. Truly ubiquitous mobile communications, anywhere on any device. The New Universal.

For over 12 years we’ve been innovating on this credo, and today, with over 500 enterprise customers and leading Internet companies connected via 1,000 networks across the world, we seamlessly integrate universal mobile services such as SMS, voice, and phone numbers into a single web of communication, turning global mobile interaction into an everyday reality—even in parts of the world where there’s no reliable Internet connection.

Enterprises and Internet companies count on us to power their applications, authentication, and mission-critical communications across their global user base, marketplaces and workforce. As their IT and communication channels converge in the cloud, we help them integrate telecom services right into their cloud communications with plug & play efficiency and ubiquitous access—without wading through the complexity of the telecom industry.

Mobile operators count on us to deliver greater returns on their core telecom assets—to bring the speed, scalability, and flexibility of the Internet to their operations. With competition from Over-the-Top (OTT) services growing, we show them how to leverage enterprise applications and OTT services, improve network efficiency, and expand coverage without adding complexity.

The New Universal: all the infinite possibilities of the cloud for mobile operators, the ubiquitous access and convenience for enterprises—and their increasingly mobile users we serve, together.

The tyntec advantage.

Backed by our decade-long experience working at the intersection of telecom and the Internet, we continue to push on this one idea: that telecom and digital ecosystems not only play well together but are necessary parts of a new communications environment that requires secure, universal interactions through any device, anywhere in the world.

To make it work, we needed to pioneer two unique capabilities, one based in technology, the other in business model innovation.

The technology was simple (at least for us). Thanks to our trail-blazing R&D team, we developed a rich, scalable infrastructure to bring our patent-protected, proprietary messaging platform together with carrier-grade connectivity. The goal: simple and fast connection to mobile networks around the world with unmatched cost-efficiency.

But technology’s not enough. With a sharp focus on the evolving needs of the marketplace, we surpassed ordinary providers by implementing and delivering flexible, dynamic options to our customers. Together with our deep partnerships in the mobile ecosystem, including our direct agreements with premier mobile network operators, and our global customer base of enterprises and Internet power brands, we’ve been able to set new industry standards, and create greater value for our customers.

Taking the lead, from the beginning.

From our start in 2002, when SMS was still seen as a low-tech tool for consumers, we designed a robust technical infrastructure in concert with mobile operators so that enterprises, brands, Internet companies—even operators and wholesalers themselves—could get a fast, reliable, secure, and trackable mobile infrastructure that transformed SMS into a high-quality, dependable business tool.

We’ve never stopped innovating since then. We were the first messaging company to launch SS7-based SMS services for enterprises. And we’ve had a string of firsts recognized throughout the mobile industry including Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for business messaging, and the world’s first virtualized long numbers that can be used for both voice and SMS messaging.

Making greater impact, together.

tyntec is an active member in good standing with key industry associations and contributes to drive industry-wide innovation and collaboration.

  • Member of CTIA
  • Member of GSMA
  • Member of ITU-T
  • Two-time Red Herring award winner
  • Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award - 2011

tyntec, we bring the immediacy and convenience of mobile telecom together with the power of the Internet. Together with our partners and customers, we make continuous, radical improvements to connect the two disparate worlds. The New Universal.